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Policies & Philosophy

Regarding Stock Trading:

1) Don’t speculate with money you can’t afford to lose.   

We believe that you should only have 10% of your portfolio in highly speculative stocks. To do otherwise is foolhardy. 

2) Take Profits.                                  
Greed, many times, will keep you in a stock after a 20-30% profit….thinking that it will soon double or triple….but alas...on many occasions the stock goes back down to your buy point, or lower.  A 20-30% profit is nothing to sneeze at. One effective strategy that will force a person to take profits is to sell 1/3 of your position with a 25% profit, and put a stop loss on the remaining shares at a price 5% below the price at which you sold the first 1/3, and sell another 1/3 of your position at a 50% profit...and let the rest ride...thereby insuring a profitable trade.

3) Don’t Marry a Stock! 
We expect our stock picks to move at least 20% within 90 days and at least 30% within 6 months. If they don’t, it’s better to sell and move on to another stock acting better. I know it’s hard to do, but if a stock moves 10% below your purchase price it’s probably better to sell  and take your loss…..if you don’t , in many cases that small loss inevitably turns into a very large loss.This rule doesn't necessarily apply when I am buying quality stocks that I plan to hold for investment and which are at  historically low prices. I might buy 40% of my allocation for that stock now, and 30% more on each 20% decline in the stock's price. This strategy will help ensure that I have good entry prices for my investment.   

Regarding Your Privacy
 A. We do not sell, rent, or give any information about you to anyone or any third party for any    purpose whatsoever-marketing or otherwise.  
 B. We do not retain any credit card numbers.   

Regarding our Market Letter   
 A. Our  Market Letter is NOT Investment Advice, and is not to be construed as such. 

 B. This Market Letter is based primarily on the technical analysis of stock                        trends and is in no way to be construed as investment advice. For investment advice      consult a Registered Investment Advisor or Certified Financial Planner.       

 C. We purchase, on many occasions, the Stock and Option picks featured in our     
   Market Letter-at prices higher than, lower than, or equal to the recommended price.
We thank the Lord for all the blessings in our lives, and we hope that all is well with you.  We know that nothing can be done without the help of Almighty God. May he bless you.                 PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS 

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