JOE COTTON is one of the finest and most experienced Technical Analysts in the country. He has accurately predicted the direction of the Stock Market and Individual Stocks, on many occasions-including the top of the Market in January of 2008 and the bottom in March of 2009. 

He received much of  his technical analysis training from Robert Schlemmer, a former Broker with the old line Cincinnati brokerage firm W.E.Hutton, and one of the best technical analysts in the business. Robert Schlemmer interned under the world renowned Master of Technical Analysis, Lucien Hooper, who conducted a weekly phone broadcast for the W.E. Hutton brokers. Cotton's vast experience in the Markets coupled with his financial background, education, and Technical Analysis expertise enables him to help you make money...and pick stocks that GO UP! Not all of his stock picks go up. but many do, and some have even doubled in a month. To verify this, click the button on the left labled "GREAT PAST PICKS". He also has appeared as a guest on CNNFN. 

   1) EDUCATIONGraduated Xavier University-BSBA -Major in Finance            
                                Dean's List all semesters for studies at Xavier.

   2) FINANCE BACKROUND:                              
        A)  Bank Manager and Former Credit Analyst for the National Accounts Division at 
              Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio.             

        B)  Former Fidelity Investments (c) Registered Representative. He  achieved the  
              highest  Series -7 Score in the history of the Cincinnati  Regional Office
              during his employment.       


The  author uses a number of proprietary criteria for picking the stocks selected for his WEEKLY MARKET LETTER. He reviews the background of the company, the  products or services they sell, the company's earmings estimates, and the latest insider buying and selling transactions, before he considers them as a "Stock Pick" candidate. 

Then he checks the latest news on the company, and whether any  recent developments have affected the stock, or should affect the stock in the near future, be it a major contract award,  new drug discovery,  or increased earnings potential, etc. He also checks to see whether the stock has been recently recommended by a major brokerage house. 

 Most importantly, he then checks the recent trading in the stock and analyzes the company’s stock chart for the last two years to decide whether or not the stock should be included as one of his  weekly stock picks.
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