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                    Our Market letter is edited by Joe Cotton, a proven expert at 
                           picking stocks and calling the direction of the Market. His ex-
                           pertise is the result of the combination of extensive training
                           and experience in fundamental analysis coupled with the abil-
                           bility to predict stock movements  by means of  the technical
                           analysis of stock trends. 

Proof of his prowess can be seen by fact that he won two national stock pick-
ing contests and placed 2nd in one contest....all with 1-Year Returns of 97% or more. The results are seen below:

1) Winner 2012 Dick Davis Digest Dividend Stock Contest- with a One Year
     Total Return of 97%.
2) Winner 2016 Wall Street's Best Dividend Stock Contest- with a One Year
     Total Return of 118.50%. 
3)  2nd Place Winner 2017 Wall Street's Best Equity Stock Contest- with a 
     One Year Total Return of 102.50%.
The list below shows some of his great past picks. Sometimes Cotton's quality picks have doubled before some of the major brokerage houses have begun recommending them...like Facebook and Alibaba.    
       Amazingly, some of Cotton's picks have doubled in 30 days
           STOCK                           PRICE /DATE  PICKED        SUBSEQUENT HIGH__  
   Facebook, Inc.  (FB)                      28.33 on    05/06/13            218  + 669%    8 Years
   Alibaba Group  (BABA)                  59.52 on    10/01/15            210  + 252%    3 Years
   Weibo Corp  (WB)                          23.71 on    04/25/16            140  + 490%    2 Years
   Atara Biotherapeutics  (ATRA)      14.80 on    12/11/17              49  + 231%    63 Days
   CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP)       23.48 on     01/02/18             73 + 210% -   5 Months 
   Reata Pharmaceuticals  (RETA)   28.32 on     01/02/18             92  + 224% -   9 Months   
   G1 Therapeutics  (GTHX)              19.84 on     01/02/18             68  + 242% -  9 Months  
   Legacy Reserves  (LGCY)                2.07 on     01/16/18             10  + 383% -  5 Months   
   Tandem Diabetes Care  (TNDM)     5.75 on     04/09/18             52  + 804%  -  6 Months
   REGENXBIO, Inc. (RGNX)             34.60 on     04/16/18             84  + 142%  -  3 Months
   Verastem, Inc.  (VSTM)                   4.29 on    05/07/18             10  +  133%  -  4 Months
   Eiger BioPharmaceut. (EIGR)       10.00 on     05/14/18             18  +   80%   -  1 Week
   Viking Therapeutics  (VKTX)         10.92 on     07/23/18            23  +  110%  -  2 Months 

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It began on July 18, 2016. The first year return was 30.94%. The virtual fund costs $200/Year and has a "100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" on any unused portion of the subscription remaining in the event of a cancellation. 


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Joe tries to educate the average investor so that he can learn how to pick stocks on his own, without having to rely on a broker.  

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