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We are able to pick the "HOT STOCKS" like Net-
flix, Facebook & Alibaba before they become The        "NEW HOT STOCKS". In many cases, our stock
picks have doubled or tripled before Cramer and the big brokerage houses begin recommending them...like  Facebook and Alibaba. We won the 2012 the Dick Davis Digest Dividend Stock Contest with for  a 97% 1-Year Total Return for our stock pick Marathon Petroleum (MPC) and won the 2016 Wall Street's Best Dividend Stock Contest with a 118.50 % 1-Year Return for our pick American Mid- stream Partners (AMID) and we were 3rd Place Mid- Year in their 2017 Stock Picking contest with a 48.25% Return for our pick YY, Inc. We said SELL in October at $90 per share for more than a 100 % Ten Month Total Return.   Cabot Wealth Management Operates Wall Street's Best.     Dick Davis Digest was acquired by Cabot Wealth Mgmt.                                   
    The stocks below are actual picks taken from our Weekly Online Market Letter, Cotton's Technically Speaking .    
           STOCK                           PRICE /DATE  PICKED        SUBSEQUENT HIGH__  

   Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)                         9.94 on     10/30/12           202 +1,932% - 5 Years 
   Tesla Motors, Inc.  (TSLA)            30.61 on     11/06/12           385 +1,157%-  5 Years   
   Facebook  (FB)                              28.33 on     05/06/13           182 +   542% -  4.5 Years
   Alibaba Group (BABA)                   59.52 on     10/01/15           185 +   210% -  2.1  Years 
   Weibo CORP.  (WB)                        23.71 on     04/25/16           107 +  351% -  1.5 Years         Bluebird Bio Inc.  (BLUE)               45.65 on     07/05/16           140 +  206% -  1.2 Years 
   Autohome Inc.  (ATHM)                 21.70 on     08/01/16             67 +  208%  -  1.1 Years
   Kite Pharma (KITE)                        57.63 on     09/19/16           180 +  212%  -  1.0 Years
   YY, Inc.  (YY)                                  44.04 on     12/08/16             97 +  120% -   11 Months       Bitauto Holdings Ltd.  (BITA)         21.75 on     03/06/17            54  +  148% -     8 Months
   Veritone, Inc.  (VERI)                       7.89 on     08/21/17            70  +  787% -     2 Months 
   Zogenix Inc.  (ZGNX)                      16.25 on     09/11/17            40  +  146% -     3 Weeks 

Some of our stock picks double in 1 Year, some  double in 6 Months and some even double in 1 Month. Not all of our stock picks go up, but many do.....and some go way up. Veritone, picked at  7.89 was up 580% to 53.70 in just 1 month, and then reached 74.00 a week later...because of a  "short squeeze". Our Market Letter is one of the featured Investment Newsletters in the "Wall Street's Best" publication (wallstreetsbest.com)  which is operated by Cabot Wealth Mgmt. 

Our Weekly Market Letter includes a Market Assessment and 4-6 Stock Picks + Charts (With Trendlines drawn by Joe Cotton). We email Our Market Letter to subscribers  on Mondays, between 8:30 and 9:30 AM, before the Market opens. Joe has a 30 Day 100%- Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your "Cotton's Technically Speaking" subscription in the 1st 30 Days , just email us at cottonstocks@hotmail.com to cancel and your full purchase price will be cheerfully refunded. No other refund options apply. You can view a sample of our Market Letter by pressing the "May 16, 2016" button to the left of the screen.
           We expect our stock picks to go up at least 20% within 90 days.    
Our Market Letter is Institutional Grade and you would have to pay ten times the price of our subscription for a publication of comparable quality. 

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Joe Cotton tries to educate the average investor so that he can learn how to pick stocks on his own, without having to rely on a broker.  

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